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Cooking is an art and every art needs tools to be successful at it. It is not rocket science too, except you want to cook like a well trained chef. With an array of electronic appliances in the market, giving you elaborate features to reduce the stress and time taken, some kitchen appliances are a must have, making the kitchen a storehouse of luxury and beauty. Listed below are the must have kitchen appliances needed to keep a modern kitchen running:


This is a store used to keep cooked and raw food fresh and intact, minimizing the amount of food wasted. The capacity of the fridge you are purchasing is very important. This should be proportional to the number of people in the home. The capacity of a fridge also depends on your budget; more capacity means it will be more expensive. The best choice of fridge is one that gives you total freedom to create and adjust shelves inside the fridge and one that doesn’t take up so much space so you can open easily.


This is an oven used to heat cooked food, defrost frozen food and grill. Newer models now cook and bake too. The oven size should be an important factor when purchasing one, also look at the wattage too. It is also important to purchase a microwave oven with different setting to maximize use.


This is a very important appliance needed in a modern kitchen. It helps blend, mix, puree and grind food easily. There are two types of blenders, the hand held one and the normal traditional blender. When looking for the best blender to purchase, choose a low-maintenance version that is easy to keep clean. A brand with a balanced blending container or jar, sharp blades and a long cord would be most appropriate. Ensure the blender can break down grains, fruits and vegetables easily. If you ever want to compare Vitamix blenders, you can check out this Vitamix buying guide.


Love coffee? If you do, you need a coffee maker in your kitchen. When purchasing, look out for a coffee maker with features that makes it easy to clean, brew, filter water and so on. If you have a huge budget, you can purchase a coffee maker that grinds coffee beans as well, giving you the best of both worlds.


Nicely toasted meals are needed to make great breakfasts. A toaster should be able to toast different types of bread. Choose an energy efficient brand, that toasts evenly. Also look for a toaster that is easy to clean and maintain.


This is similar to a blender, but it comes with multipurpose blades and attachments for different uses. It can grate, blend, mince, shred, chop and so on. The great feature of this appliance is it doesn’t need water to added to carry out its functions. When purchasing a food processor, look for one with attachments that suits the duties it is needed for. It should be easy to clean and maintain and be very versatile. These appliances makes a kitchen and are a must have for kitchens that are said to be modern.


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