Best Beaches to Visit in Spain in the Summers 2021!

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This summer, there are no more excuses for not coming to the beach to sunbathe, take a dip, or have a delicious paella by the sea. No matter where you live or where you plan to spend the summer, there is a good chance that some of these coves and sandy areas are within driving distance.
Bring an umbrella, a good book, and some sunscreen with you. Remember that going to the beach is good for both you and the environment; put on your hat, swimwear, and flip-flops because we’re heading to the beach today. And, most importantly, be considerate of others and adhere to all sanitary regulations and requirements.
The journey to the top five beaches in Spain is extensive, as you will see in the next section. From the Balearic Islands to Andalusia, from Asturias to Galicia, there is something for everyone. There are so many possibilities and things to do in this country that it’s impossible not to visit it, at least once. In this blog, we will discover the best beaches in Spain to visit this Summer 2021.

Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Spain this Summer

1. Calblanque

There is a name for Murcia’s best-preserved coastline; it is known as the Calblanque Regional Park, and it is a spot where several of the country’s best beaches can be found.
Calblanque is a heaven for us, tucked away in a nook to the west of Cabo de Palos, away from the overcrowding, and we would say, near-destruction, of La Manga del Mar Menor resort. It seems unbelievable that a spot like this can be found just a few kilometres away from such a popular tourist destination, complete with golden sand beaches, almost paradisiacal scenery, and sunsets straight out of a movie.
Calblanque is home to more than eight beaches, as well as an internal transportation system that connects them, as driving is prohibited except during low season in the town.

2. Bolonia

The typical traveller who believes that it is not always necessary to travel a long distance to reach paradise finds this to be true in Cádiz. Bolonia is the name of the beach, the same one where MJ grew up and where JP spent every summer with his family. This beach, which is located within the municipality of the well-known Tarifa, is without a doubt our favourite.
The dunes, which are located on the right side of the peninsula and face the sea, are its most recognisable feature. It is also the best natural viewpoint on the beach, as it is a mountain of sand from which both children and adults can leap from. In addition to being virgin and surrounded by nature, Baelo Claudia, an ancient Roman city that may still be visited today, is located at the foot of the shore, adding to the magnificence of this area of Cadiz.
The nearly 4 kilometres of beach, stretch over a long distance. Walking, bathing in the cooler Atlantic Ocean, catching waves, kite surfing, practising nudism, and, despite the fact that this beach is not particularly popular with Levante, there is never a bad day for people here on the coast. The Levante, sparkling waves, cows strolling along the shore, and being alone in paradise are all dream come true.

3. La Charca

While visiting the sea, we want to spend several hours entangled in the sea breeze, and we want to surrender to the addictive environment generated by the perfect combination of salt, sand and sun that comes with the hot weather.
This beach is located under the supervision of the Castillo de Salobrea and is protected by the Rock, making it one of the new favourite beaches in Granada. The urban beach of La Charca is about 2 kilometres long and is one of the favourite places in the city.
The island of La Charca appears to be ideal for a few days in the Mediterranean, and it has earned a small place among the favourites for a variety of reasons, including its crystal clear and calm water, its relatively wide sandy area which is more than 55 metres where you can lie down in the sun in a hammock or on a towel without stress, and the imposing sunsets that are drawn by the presence of the rock that create a magical play of lights and shadows.
In addition, there are some beach bars – not many, but plenty – where you can quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger, and the beach is framed by a gorgeous promenade that adds to the experience.

4. Ballota

On the usually gorgeous coast of Asturias, it seemed as if a holy apparition appeared. Surrounded by that typical green and with waters that could be considered a tribute to the Caribbean, this resort is a heaven for relaxation. The colours blue, green, and turquoise soothe the eyes. Neither the other side of the pond nor even the Mediterranean can claim to be the only place where paradise can be found.
The Cantabrian, on the other hand, has its unique style. It is the Ballota beach in the municipality of Llanes. It is approached via a steep path that leads to heaven, similar to that of Andrn’s house. One piece of advice: if you want to park in high season, you must arrive early in the morning.
And then there’s the islet of Casto Ballota, which is the cherry on top. A rocky outcropping that emerges from the ocean which completes the picturesque scene. Nature is quite intelligent when she arranges its ingredients.
But Ballota beach has two faces. The one at low tide, when there is an enormous and infinite sandy area divided into two sections: one for naturists and one for everyone else. And then there’s the phenomenon of high tide, when the water gains territory by forced marches, leaving the sand with only the barest of expressions. Furthermore, it is known for its calm and distinct beauty, which makes it one of the best beaches in Spain.

5. Cala Macarrella

If there is one thing that Menorca is famed for, it is its intimidating coves, among which the popular Cala Macarella and its little neighbour Cala Macarelleta stand out. It is here that advertisements for anything from beer to tampax have been filmed.
Many people consider these coves to be among the nicest beaches in Spain, and they are right. They are situated in a privileged position, surrounded by lovely pine forests, holm oaks, and olive trees, and at the end of a stretch of the Cam de Cavalls, a perfect way to discover the island at your own leisure, where you will be able to see wild goats who have become accustomed to tourists.
It is an honour to be surrounded by the turquoise waves of the Mediterranean, which tempt visitors to take a dip. Cala Macarrella and Cala Macarelleta are two of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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