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When it comes to road trips from Dallas to anywhere in the country, the amount of things to do is virtually limitless. In addition to being able to visit all of the attractions in Dallas, there are also endless amounts of outdoor activities that anyone can participate in. The best thing about road trips in Dallas is that they can be planned to coincide with the summer months or even throughout the fall and winter months as well. Of course, you can’t leave out the many attractions in and around the city of Dallas itself. Here are some things to do while taking your road trip from Dallas to anywhere in the country.

The first part of your road trip itinerary should be to visit the many natural and scenic attractions in downtown Dallas. Some of these include the Dallas Aquarium, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and the Dallas Art Museum. While visiting these and other great attractions, make sure to stop into the Dallas Northmark Hotel for a little North Texas relaxation before continuing on to the various destinations. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and other attractions in the area, so make sure to take your time and enjoy every minute in Dallas.

Another idea for making your road trip from dallas even more memorable is to pay a visit to the city’s most famous attraction: the Dallas Zoo. As one of the most popular destinations in all of North Texas, it is sure to enchant and mesmerize any traveler. There are plenty of things to do at the zoo, including plenty of hands-on adventures and fun family activities. If you’re not a fan of zoos, don’t worry; the Dallas parks district has plenty of beautiful, open areas for you to explore. Take your kids, or even a group of friends, on a nature trail tour of the city.

While you are in town, why not stop by the Texas Memorial Park for some fun activities? Among the many activities available is the Children’s Sculpture Garden, an interactive sculpture garden where children can create their own pet statues. This park also allows pets inside the designated pet areas. If you stop at the Six Flags Magic Mountain, you will be able to take your children and get some much needed lazy time.

While in Fort Worth, make sure to check out the Fort Worth Starlight and Downtown Fort Worth. Both of these complexes are gorgeous. At the Starlight you can watch live television broadcasts of rodeo and barn racing. You can walk the grounds and tour the different rides and exhibits. At Downtown Fort Worth, you will find everything from antique shops to huge shopping malls. If you are planning a road trip from dallas, make sure to include this city in your route.

Plan your weekend getaway from Dallas around one of these three amazing attractions. You will be glad that you did. Between these two parks you will be surrounded by nature, without even having to leave the road. If you drive from dallas to Fort Worth, you will be almost surrounded by nature. In fact, you may even want to drive all the way around to the third city, Waco, for some great family fun.

A driving trip through Texas does not have to involve taking a vacation right out of the country. Fort Worth and San Antonio are close enough to each other that you can make a quick trip to visit either city in only a couple hours. A little bit of road traveling in either direction will allow you to see plenty of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Texas. San Antonio is rich in history, while Fort W. is known for its rich music heritage.

If you love Texas music, you will probably want to stop at the Dallas Fort TX antelope lodge for your second stop on your trip. This is another great destination for a couple’s drive. The only problem with this stop is that it gets pretty much insane with the number of people that show up for the rodeo. At certain times, you will see hundreds or thousands of people just to watch the rodeo. To avoid being too exhausted, take some time to stop at some great little bars and restaurants before you head back home. After your fun first stop on your trip, make it your second.

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